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Harry Potter Prisoner Azkaban 2016

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Thirteen year-old Harry Potter reluctantly even spent a summer with the Dursleys, his dismal relatives, behave and not practicing any magic. That is, until the sister bullying Uncle Vernon, Aunt Marge comes to visit.
Aunt Marge has always been particularly horrible to Harry and this time pushes both accidentally causes her to inflate like a monstrous balloon and away! fearing punishment of his aunt and uncle – and the consequences of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic, which those saanmahigpitStudents prohibits the use of magic in the world not magic – Harry escapes at night. Along the way, Harry will make sense of Hermione mysterious appearances and disappearances, with the help of Ron and Hagrid the giant, who took a new position at Hogwarts as the Care of Magical Creatures teacher. A confrontation between Harry and the menacing Sirius Black seems inevitable, but what exactly is Professor Lupin relationship with Black? The whichis the dark secret that Professor Snape is kayasabik to share?And why is Ron Scabbers mouse so frantic to escape his grasp? Harry goes all the courage, magic and support necessary can muster to answer these questions and uncover the truth behind Sirius Black and his ties with talented young wizards mysterieuzegeleden. Harry Potter Order Of Phoenix 2016


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